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Microchip Implantation

Microchipping is very important for our loved pets. Should they be lost, all vets, animal shelters and councils have a microchip reader. We scan your lost pet, retrieve the unique number and contact the data base registries for your information.

 The information you provide, when filling out the microchip registration paperwork, helps us to return your lost pet to you.

Almost daily a pet is brought into us here at St Vincents Vets;  that has escaped its yard, and is dangerously running the busy roads. If your pet  has a microchip, our trained staff with authorisation codes, retrieve the data and contact you about your lost pet!

Microchipping is very affordable and it’s a lifetime registration, with a one-off fee!

No annual fees or renewals!

The microchip itself is very small, about the size of short grain rice, and it’s inserted between the shoulder blades, just under the skin, its insert by a needle-type device.

The vets at St Vincents Vets have completed an accredited training course. Only accredited personal with a registered implanter number can implant microchips.

How long does it take?

Implanting the microchip into your pet takes less than a minute, completing the paperwork takes a few minutes - so for less than 10 mins. Your pet being microchipped ensures he or she can be returned home to you!

How much does it cost?

Here at St Vincents Vets, we keep microchipping costs to a minimum; $70 is the cost for your lifetime registered microchip.

 We ensure that all of your contact details are correct and send the registration paperwork to the Australasian Animal Registry for you. You will receive a confirmation in the post/email  from the registry within a couple of weeks.

Should you move, or your details change, you are able to update your details via the internet when necessary.

So for peace of mind, book an appointment for microchipping your fur-baby!

The Queensland State Government has passed new laws governing pets and microchips. The law states that it is now compulsory that your pet be microchipped if:

•born after 10 April 2009

•sold or given away

•declared a regulated dog regardless of age.


Microchipping has nothing to do with the council; but Brisbane City Council will not register your dog unless it is microchipped.